Refund Policy

We don’t refund just because of the negative buying intention without any sort of issues left.
But, yes if you really face any issues and we are unable to resolve them, then in this case, you can pursue the following methods. Our refund system is divided into 2 categories.

Firstly, our own services: In this case, for monthly services, you can ask for money back within 7 days and our team will contact you in between 3 to 7 days and repay your money.

If you take any yearly services and feel uncomfortable using our services due to the quality of our services and ater-sale support, then you can seek for money back within 60 days.
we will contact you in between 3 to 7 days to return your money. But, when you don’t find any issues in our services and supports, then we will really think twice to fully refund your money.

Secondly: Third-party services, our money back policy doesn’t comply with the policy of the providers of services to which we have no access except selling them.

As part of our commitment to compliance and security, KYC verification is a mandatory process for all users. If a user refuses to provide KYC verification and demands a refund, the refund will not be processed as per our policy. We encourage all users to complete the KYC verification process to ensure a safe and secure experience for everyone.

We do not have a refund policy for VPS and Dedicated Servers, but if the service cannot be used at all due to our problem, the billing department will consider the matter.

Note: The payments of suspended service due to unethical or illegal activities will not be refunded.