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How to buy a custom configuration (VPS) from Hexazn

Hexazn is a Domain/Web Hosting Platform where an user can buy Shared Hosting along with VPS. Hexazn provides several predefined plans on VPS. If an user requires to build his/her own package, in Hexazn it is very easy to do so. Let’s see how we can buy a custom configuration on Hexazn.

Step 1: Place the url on a browser https://hexazn.com

Step 2: Once the home page arrives, hover over on Servers from menu.

Step 3: Now click on the Cloud Instances. This option will redirect to the custom configuration page.

Step 4: A page similar to this will appear.

Step 5: Scrolling a little bit, we will find all the configurable option from where we can choose our desired core, ram, storage, no of IPs, Control panels, Server location and Operating system.

Step 6: If we want to see the amount in BDT, we can change it from here.

Step 7: After choosing all the configuration, click on Continue Button on the right hand side.

Step 8: After arriving to checkout page, simply click on checkout to place the order.

Step 9: Register if you haven’t register yet.

Step 10: After completing registration/login, Choose the payment method, check the terms and conditions and complete the order.

Step 11: Order will be placed and an invoice will generate. Now simply click on pay now and complete the payment. After some moment order will be delivered.

So that’s how one can easily order a custom VPS on hexazn. Thank you for reading this blog.

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